Professional Profile

Starting my 8th year of professional experience, I have accumulated knowledge on various technical as well as functional domains. As a senior SAP BI Consultant, I have delivered international and multilingual projects successfully on CO, SD, QM, PP and MM domains by implementing several BI technologies (BW / BO / BPC). I am particularly interested in new technologies from SAP: Hana and BO 4.2.

Hard worker and rigorous, I implement stable and scalable applications, always keeping in mind the customer's interests and needs. Adept of the "Getting things done" philosophy, I will go through with all assignments I have been entrusted with.

Contact me for further details and references.

Work Experience

Nov 2016 - Present

Senior SAP BI Consultant

Soltius - Auckland, New Zealand

  • SAP Replatform Project


    • Auckland, NZ
    • SAP BW on Hana
    • SAP BO 4.2
    • Cloud (AWS)
    • Dec 16 - Dec 17
    • Mercury Energy is an integrated energy generation, trading, retailing and metering business. Mercury is undergoing a replatforming of their entire SAP landscape, including ECC, CRM, BW, BO and PI.
      • François led the BI migration of:
      • On premise BW 7.3 to AWS BW 7.5 on Hana; including BW data models, Integrated Planning and Web Services
      • On premise BO 4.1 to AWS BO 4.2 on Hana; including Webi, Dashboard, Live Office and a migration from Bex to Analysis for Office
  • SAP BW Greenfield

    Daiken Ltd

    • Christchurch, NZ
    • SAP BW 7.5
    • SAP BW on Hana
    • Cloud (AWS)
    • Jun - Dec 17
    • Daiken Ltd, a Japanese fiberboard manufacturer, has recently purchased a cloud-based SAP BW on Hana.
      • François led the BW implementation:
      • Workshop and Specifications
      • Implementation of Hana-Optimized data models, including Finance and logistics KPIs
      • Visualisation on Analysis for Office
  • SAP Upgrade to S/4 Hana & BW on Hana


    • Tauranga, NZ
    • SAP BW on Hana
    • SAP BO 4.2
    • S/4 Hana
    • Nov 16 - Present
    • Ballance has embarked on a program of work to drastically improve and expand its Analytical and Business Intelligence capabilities through the implementation of SAP BW on HANA. Ballance is simultaneously implementing S/4HANA.
      • François led the implementation of the Plant Maintenance, Asset Accounting and Human Resources data flows:
      • Update the business requirements
      • Implement Hana-Optimized data models
      • Update, simplify and optimize the current implementation

July 2014 - October 2016

Senior SAP BI Consultant

Planeum - Paris, France

  • QIC Project


    • Argenteuil, France
    • QM, PP, MM
    • SAP BW on Hana
    • SAP BO 4.1
    • Jul 14 - Oct 16
    • Implementation of a new Quality dashboard featuring worldwide complaints KPI and root causes analysis
      • Application Designer:
      • SAP Hana on BW to improve reporting performance
      • Design Studio and Webi reporting
      • Consolidating SAP and non-SAP source systems within the DWH

August 2012 - July 2014

Experienced SAP BI Consultant

CGI - Paris, France

  • SPIRO Project

    Airbus DS

    • Airbus Group
    • Bremen, Germany
    • BI Team Leader
    • PS, CO
    • Jan - Jul 2014
    • SPring Interfaces and RepOrting: Implementation of a new BI solution for operative Project Management, consolidating Primavera (P6) planning and SAP PS module into SAP BW, deployed in France and Germany
      • SAP BI Team Leader:
      • Business and technical Requirement Workshops
      • Functional and technical specifications
  • SAP BW Migration

    Lyonnaise des EauxLyonnaise des Eaux

    • Migration of SAP BW system from 3.5 to 7.31
    • Information system overhaul in the context of the upcoming upgrade : HR dataflow migration (implementation of LSA and 7.x dataflow), BEx queries and authorizations (to 7.0 and then 7.3)
    • Quick deployment constraint (and without downtime):
      • Implementation of BW to BW RFC connection to transfer delta and historical data from 3.5 BW master system
      • Recycling former BW systems delta pointers to avoid full reloads
    • Key users training: New monitoring and Bex Query Designer
    • Framework study: Implementing a new BO 4.1 platform on top of BEx queries in order to merge HR data with finance KPI, currently running on another BO XI 3.1 application
  • Framing of the ALBIS Evolution

    Air LiquideAir Liquide

    • Paris La Défense
    • SAP BW/BO Team Leader
    • Consulting
    • Sep - Jan 2013/14
    • Framework study to determine the current and targeted Air Liquide BI landscape for Western Europe and provide a roadmap to achieve it over the next 5 years.
    • Quick Wins:
      • Identify technical and functional pain points within the current BI systems and find out easy to apply solutions
      • Identify levers for motivating and mobilizing users around the current solution and optimize the application adoption
    • Medium and long term:
      • Assist Air Liquide in determining the new set of tools best suited to his new business needs and IT requirements
      • Estimate the overall cost of such a project
      • Provide a detailed roadmap including costs and technological changes
  • SAP BW Migration

    Dassault Falcon ServiceDFS

    • Dassault Group
    • Paris Le Bourget
    • Project leader
    • PS, SD, CO, HR
    • Mar - Jul 2013
    • Migration of SAP BW system from 3.0B to 7.31
    • Rationalization of current business requirements prior to the technical migration
    • Information system overhaul in the context of the upcoming upgrade from 3.0B to 7.31:
      • Data model redesign (BI Content 7.3)
      • Data flow migration (7.x)
      • Reporting migration (7.x)
      • Migration of reporting authorizations to the new concept (7.0 and 7.3)
    • Setup of new systems and transport routes
    • Team management: Supervision of 2 team members (system administrator and ABAP developer)
  • Redesign and Optimization of BW System


    • Paris La défense
    • Project leader
    • BW, IP, P2P
    • PP, MM, QM, SD
    • Oct - Feb 2012/13
    • Reorganizing and updating SFR supply chain reporting tools
    • Audit of BW/IP information system and writing detailed reorganizing proposal
    • Implementation of SAP Best Practices (technical implementation, LSA, ...)
    • Reorganizing: Data selective deletion, archiving, Redesign and Optimization of existing data flows and reporting
    • Team management: Supervision of a team member (side projects)
  • Vehicle fleets and contracts follow-up


    • Full cycle implementation including PM (management of industrial vehicle fleets) and SD indicators
    • NetWeaver BW 7.3 Data modeling and implementation, combined with Webi (BOXI4) reports and a final integration into the portal (internal and external access through the SAP Web Dispatcher)
    • Writing detailed technical specifications
    • Leading implementation team

Feb 2010 - July 2012

SAP BI Consultant

Micropole - Paris, France

  • Concerto Project


    • ENI Group
    • Levallois
    • SAP BW 7.3
    • Full Cycle Impl.
    • ISU, FICA, CRM
    • Jan - Jul 2012
    • Full cycle implementation including ISU, FICA and CRM indicators
    • NetWeaver BW 7.3 Data modeling and implementation
    • Writing detailed technical specifications
    • Leading implementation team
  • BW / BPC Integration Project


    • Geneva
    • International Project
    • SAP BW, BPC
    • COPA, PS
    • Oct - Jan 2011/12
    • Dynamic connection (integrated solution) between the data warehouse (SAP BW) and North America's consolidation environment (SAP BPC)
    • NetWeaver Data modeling and implementation involving:
      • An automated loading process from BW environment to BPC cubes using staging cubes architecture and BPC specific process chains
      • A final mapping to BPC cubes based on standard BPC data modeling (packages, transformation files, conversion files)
      • Implementing specific BADIs (ABAP) in order to consolidate and validate data extracted from third party system (against BW's) while loading BPC applications
      • Synchronizing transactional data between BPC application sets
    • Functional and technical specifications
    • Project Management:
      • Participation in business and technical workshops
      • Team management : Supervision of a team member
      • Maintained a regular contact with other BW and BPC teams in order to improve synergy and system effectiveness
  • BW / BO Compatibility case study for BI4


    • Paris
    • SAP BW, BO, BICS
    • CCA
    • Oct 2011
    • Implementation of BO WEBI reporting based on SAP BW queries using BI Consumer Services interface (BICS)
    • BW Bex and BO WEBI Queries design
    • Compatibility of BEx features within WEBI environment tryouts
    • Multisource Reports: BW queries combined with BO universes or third party system
  • On Time Delivery Project

    Sagem DSSagem DS

    • Implementation of new Key Figures and analysis criteria in order to address new business requirements
    • Designing a scalable architecture in order to divide the project into subprojects
    • Updating current data model by adding a variety of new analysis criterias:
      • Data source updates (specific extraction routines in ECC and BW)
      • DSO with data-override and record mode techniques
      • Specific encapsulated ABAP developments
      • Shifted week implementation based on the date object hierarchy
    • Unit Tests and documentation
    • Production launch support
    • Project Management:
      • Participation in business and technical workshops
      • Team management : Supervision of a team member
      • Meeting challenging deadlines
      • Knowledge transfer with team members and onsite team
  • Overstocks Project

    Sagem DSSagem DS

    • New key figures implementation and development of the solution recommended by the previous study within the Safran Group
    • Design and implementation of a new data model able to recalculate stock valuation on the fly and store historical stock level and valuation, including:
      • Defining and building new data extractors from Flat Files
      • Data source updates with specific extraction routines in ECC and BW
      • Loadings optimization using hashed tables set up for stock movement flows
      • Design and implementation of APD in order to store historical stock valuation
    • Stock follow-up reporting and requests to identify over-stocking and input on Stock "thermometers".
    • Production launch support
    • Unit Tests and UAT
  • Optimalt Project


    • Reims, France
    • International Project
    • Full Cycle Impl.
    • SAP BW
    • CO, MM, PP, QM
    • Feb - Nov 2010
    • Full cycle implementation including production, stocks, quality management, COPA and FI AP & AR indicators and application of guidelines indicated by a previous study for european and north American plants
    • Participation in business and technical workshops (in English and French)
    • Specifications and technical documentation writing (in English and French)
    • Design and development of data model (QM, PP and MM)
      • Data source updates with specific extraction routines in ECC and BW
      • Design and implementation of ABAP routines (Start, End, expert routine)
      • Migration of Business content from BI 3.x to BI 7.0
      • Process chain design and management
      • Automation of flat file extraction (openHub) in relation to user selection criteria
    • Design and implemetation of BEx and portal reports about production issue follow-up, traceability and quality management
    • Drive user training (in English and French) for BEx Analyzer and Designer tools
    • Production launch support

May 2009 - Jan 2010

Procurement Manager

GrosBill (Auchan Group) - Paris, France

    • Sourcing indicator implementation and follow-up
    • Optimization of stock availability rate among 7 stores by implementing new MILP models
    • Daily transportation: deliveries, routing management and optimization (itinerary)
    • BI/BO Key User (MM module), Query Designer




Mother tongue


Technical Skills

Expert, 7 years

SAP Netweaver

  • SAP BW 3.0B / 3.5 / 7.0 / 7.3 / 7.5
    • Reporting: Query Designer, Bex Analyzer, WAD
    • Workbench: Extractions, Transformations, Loading Automations
    • Data Model: Composite Provider, Advanced DSO, Open ODS View, InfoObject
    • Data I/O: Datasource, ODP/ODQ, OpenHub, APD, Staging Cube
    • 3.x to 7.x migration: dataflows, authorizations and Bex queries
    • Classic and Hana-optimized Business Content
    • Transport request management
    • OSS Note implementation
  • SAP Hana
    • Hybrid Hana/BW Modeling
    • Smart Data Access
    • Views
    • Procedures
    • Roles & Authorizations
  • SAP BO 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2
    • Analysis for Microsoft Office
    • WEBI report Design
    • Design Studio / Lumira
    • BICS Connection
  • SAP BPC 7.5
    • Package
    • Transformation File
    • Conversion File
    • BAPI Routine
    • BPC Specific Process Chain
  • ABAP/4 Programming Language
    • BEx User Exit
    • Datasource customizing
    • Program, Function Module, Class (Procedural & Object-oriented)
    • Webdynpro, Transaction

Expert, 7 years

Web Design

  • Server-Side:PHP, Node.js
  • Database:MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Interface & Design:HTML 4/5, CSS 2/3, JavaScript / jQuery

Functional knowledge

Advanced, 4 years

SAP ECC Overall Knowledge

  • FICA, MM, PP, PM, QM

Advanced, 4 years

Business Sectors

  • Aerospace & Defense:Sagem, Dassault, Airbus
  • Utilities (ISU):Altergaz, Mercury Energy
  • Agribusiness:Malteurop, Ballance
  • Retail:Auchan


Professional Training

SAP Défense Plaza, France

Aug 2014

SAP BusinessObjects

  • SAP BOW325
    • Business Intelligence Platform: Administering Servers (Windows). More details...
  • SAP BOW320
  • SAP BOW315
    • Business Intelligence Platform: Administration and Security. More details...

Feb 2014

SAP Hana

Jan 2010


2005 - 2009

Master's Degree

Ecole des Mines de Nantes, France

  • Degree
    • Titre d'Ingénieur diplômé de l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Industrielles des Mines
  • Specialization
    • Logistics Planning and Supply Chain Management

The curriculum covers the entire supply chain, including sourcing, production, distribution and optimization of production systems. In all cases, the goal is to optimize complex flows of materials and information to achieve maximum quality of service at minimum cost and lead times. But some factors related to human and environmental issues are difficult to model and measure. Hence the main difficulty is often to find a trade-off between the mathematically optimized solutions and the ones that can be really applied.

More details...

2007 - 2008

Erasmus year exchange

University of Liverpool, England

  • Core subjects
    • Supply chain operations management
      • Systems and techniques used to assure effective supply chain management; monitoring the quality, cost and efficiency of the movement and storage of goods
    • Quality management
      • ability to apply the tools, techniques and principles of Total Quality Management and appreciation of the application of Quality Management Principles in the development of organisations
    • Strategic Management and Business Policy
      • principles of business policy and focuses particular attention on the way in which strategic decisions are made and the factors that influence them
More details...